My Story

DSC_0093David Ravenwood was educated at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a teaching certificate in elementary education. He has taught in the Texas public schools since 1998. He is now retired and subs part time. He enjoys walking, going to the gym, reading, and good movies. David and his wife, Steffie, were married in 1995. She helps with the administrative work for his novels and discusses story ideas with him. David started writing sporadically at sixteen years of age and could never figure out why he didn’t write on a regular basis. At forty-one it snapped into place and he has written regularly ever since. He realized the type of stories he writes, even his novels for children, require a perspective that comes after forty years of living life.

David and Steffie live in Texas with their two cats, Fred and Felix.