Let’s Not Drive Away People From Our Churches

There is an unfortunate behavior in our churches that I’ve seen for almost six decades. Too many people who profess to be Christians seem to think we have entered a protective cocoon when we go to church; on a subconscious level, we believe we can think only of ourselves and do what ever we want. Some of us need to pull our heads out of the sand if we don’t want to drive away the newcomers in droves. This morning a person who is at least 65 years old and should know better, purposely drove the wrong direction to pull into a church parking space and parked his car at the wrong angle with his left, front tire across the white line. We waited to park next to him in that space he had encroached upon. He got out of his car, looked at us waiting for him to straighten his car, looked back at his car, didn’t move it, and walked off. He evidently didn’t give one thought to a bible verse that is a basic tenet of Christianity: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Being an imperfect Christian, I couldn’t help thinking how egocentric, selfish, self-centered, rude, and inconsiderate he was being. Suppose my wife and I were going to church for the first time in our lives. Even before we get out of our car, we see someone who is supposedly a Christian pulling a stunt like that. We might have said what I have heard countless people say about people who go to church: they’re all a bunch of hypocrites. Just as many others have been repelled by bad behavior at church, we may have been disgusted, too, and never have entered a church for our entire lives–and never heard the word of God.



Trump’s Personality Seems More Important Than Fixing Things

So now there’s another tell-all book. President Trump said this. President Trump said that. He’s acting like a child. He repeats himself … and on and on. When are we going to focus on the issues? Infrastructure, health care reform, prescription drug costs, securing our borders, crime, etc. The more time we waste on Trump’s new pimple, the less time we have to solve problems. I voted for Trump. And I’d be saying the same thing if Hillary had been elected.

Make Trouble-Makers Pay The Big Bucks

When people leave a “present” of a box of manure for the secretary of the treasury,or anyone else, they should have to foot the bill for the first responders who had to search through that muck to see if it was a bomb,or something else dangerous. People shouldn’t get away unpunished for a deed like that just because it isn’t illegal. Who knows how many tax dollars were spent to care of that mess. When a person needs the police or fire department for a legitimate reason, I agree that they shouldn’t receive a bill for services rendered. But whenever anyone does something on purpose, such as scaling the Empire State Building, and gets hung up near the top so the rescuers have to go into action, then that person needs to dig into their own pockets to reimburse the taxpayer who just goes to work everyday and keeps his feet on the ground. Hopefully, the person who destroyed a stone copy of the Ten Commandments will have to pay, too. Would that vandal want whatever he believes in, and puts on display, to be destroyed by someone who disagrees with it?

Hope Tax Reform Isn’t Like Reagan’s Trickle Down

Tax reform is great if it actually lowers taxes for the little people, not just rich people and big business. I remember President Reagan’s republican tax overhaul, promising relief for everyone. They said little people would prosper as the tax relief trickles down to the average person struggling to make a living. It didn’t nickel down. Hopefully, the republicans really mean it this time.

Women Coming Out is Good, But Be Careful

People in power can no longer depend on their positions to protect them when they make unwanted sexual advances on others. Several women are now breaking the taboo by speaking out when they have become victims. Hopefully all those big shots who have become corrupted by their power will now think twice before they stoop so low as to sexually harass another human being.

But let’s hope every single one of those women are telling the truth. I’m sure most of them are. Hopefully they all are. If not, they need to consider the fact that they could ruin a person’s life if they lie just to get even over another type of disagreement, or because they have different political views, or to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

Again, hopefully all are telling the truth. And all those big shots who can’t keep it zipped need to learn how to do just that.

Watch Cars and Exits to Stay Safe

Never thought it would come to this. When walking in the vicinity of cars, keep your radar up. Don’t assume that driver who is motioning for you to walk past the front of his car while he waits for you to cross is on the up and up. We can’t go live in caves. We still have to cross streets where cars are passing by. Just use your senses make decisions based on what you see and feel. If it doesn’t feel right to cross in front of a stopped car with a driver who is motioning for you to cross, then don’t do it. If you do cross, be alert in case the driver suddenly lurches forward.

After the attack today in a church in South Texas, always know where the exits are whenever you enter a building, any kind of building. If you go to an upper floor, make sure you know where those exits are, too. Go about your business, but know the exits so you’ll be prepared to make a quick getaway if necessary. Be aware and stay safe.

Republicans Want to Gyp Seniors Out of Medicare and Social Security

Those republican fat cats want to cut your Social Security and Medicare benefits. Never mind that many seniors are just getting by as it is now. I can’t understand how elected officials can be so calloused. The kind of reductions they propose will plunge many seniors into poverty. Some won’t get the health care they need. Should that be our reward for a life of working hard and paying taxes? Most of those republicans who propose these draconian cuts are rich. They won’t be affected. It reminds me of an old movie where the insurance company is going to have pay double indemnity. It looks like an accidental death to the law. But Edward G. Robinson, the insurance investigator who knows its murder says, “The police are satisfied, it’s not their dough.”

No matter your age, google AARP if you aren’t already a member to find out how you can help protect your benefits that you are paying into–or are now rightfully collecting from.

Former Presidents Political Posturing Diminishes Us All

Obama and George W. publicly said in so many words that our leaders should unify not divide. I wholeheartedly agree. But while they didn’t mention President Trump by name, they obviously were talking about him. Make no mistake about it, their speeches were political. Don’t think so? Then consider two questions. If Hillary were president and spoke and acted in a divisive manner, would Obama still have made that speech? If Jeb Bush were president and spoke or acted divisively, would older brother have made his speech? While former President Bush’s words rang true, I believe his family has another motive: First George H. W. served as president, then George W. took his turn. They viewed Jeb as the heir apparent and are still sore because a man with no political experience named Donald Trump came along and ripped the presidential rug right out from under him. Yep. You can bet your bottom dollar that George W. would have remained silent if Little Brother, as president, spent too much time shooting from the hip.

Trump Determined To Kick Out Poor People

President Trump seems determined to cast the lower class aside.  How are they going to afford their health insurance under Obama Care without government subsidies? Many of those people work hard for what little money they earn. What job they have is the best they can get. Without assistance they can kiss their chance at health care coverage goodbye. As fellow humans, they are just important as Trump–even without all those billions. A person with heart disease or diabetes shouldn’t be told in so many words to get sick and die just because they don’t have the money.

The republican party already has a reputation among many for caring only for the rich and powerful. As a billionaire, Trump’s exclusion of the little people from health care only helps to solidify that reputation. And I’m saying all of this even though I voted for Trump.

Bust Off the Bump Stocks, Not Your Right to Own a Gun

It is so hard to understand why anyone who doesn’t want to kill people needs a bump stock so they can turn their firearms into automatic weapons. I also can’t accept the idea that anyone needs a magazine that holds 60 bullets. While viewing a clip of the shooting in Las Vegas, I could hear how long the continuos shots were between each reloading, which caused more injury and death to innocent people who were doing nothing but attending a concert. Yes, it’s true that bad guys don’t obey gun laws. But if it becomes illegal to manufacture bump stocks and huge magazines, then there will be fewer of them for the bad guys to get their hands on.

These new laws would have nothing to do with taking your second amendment right to own a gun away from you. If we follow the logic of those people who don’t want restrictions on certain types of firepower that hunters say are unnecessary, then where does it stop? After everyone has their own army tank and all the weaponry the military uses, and I mean all? How long would the human race last then? Probably about five minutes. Please. For the sake of our future, let’s use a little common sense and have adequate control over these weapons before more innocent people are killed.