Life Isn’t Always Fair or Politically Correct

We see story after story of people resisting police officers and getting arrested, stun-gunned, shot, or hurt in some way.
No one likes to be stopped by the police. Well, that’s just tough. I was stopped once for driving 66 mph on a 55mph freeway. The officer gave me a ticket. I said nothing about all the other cars that were going faster than me. I said nothing about how unfair it was to ticket me while those other drivers got away with it. Life isn’t always fair. That one policeman couldn’t stop everyone at once. He had to pick and choose. His actions served as a deterrent to the others drivers who saw me getting pulled over. I still didn’t complain because I knew he was doing the only thing he could do. Guess what? He didn’t use his stun gun, regular gun, club, or hand cuffs because I didn’t offer resistance. He didn’t arrest me. He didn’t even have to threaten to do any of the above–even though I thought it was unfair that I got stopped while all those other speeders were allowed to speed away. I didn’t play the race card either even though I’m white and he’s hispanic. That had nothing to do with it.
We need to follow police officers’ instructions, whether we like it or not, whether it’s entirely fair or not, no matter what color we are. We may not like what they are asking us or telling us, but it makes the encounter a lot easier to live through in the long run.

What do you think?

Keeping Perverts Out of Our Schools

As a teacher, it saddens me to learn of administrators and teachers involved in inappropriate relationships with students. Obviously, no one should do that kind of thing. But when it involves a teacher or administrator who makes their career working with kids, it is so much worse.

People expect to be able to send their children to us for several hours a day without having to worry whether any of us are perverts. That’s why I think educators who violate that trust should get the maximum penalty. We need to demonstrate that we will not tolerate this among our ranks. And we need to show all educators what stiff penalties they will get if they cross that line. Not only does it hurt the victims, it also needs to ruin the careers and lives of the villains. Maybe life altering consequences will make them think twice.
To use an old fashioned phrase: hang them up by their buster browns.

What do you think?

It Usually Doesn’t Pay to Tell People Off

A video on the Internet shows a young woman telling off two workers at a fast food restaurant. She raised her voice and told them they had made a mistake on her order. She also told them it was rude of them to speak to each other in a foreign language in front of the customers. The workers listened and didn’t argue back, even if they didn’t agree with the customer. They didn’t make the scene any larger than the customer had already made it. As the customer walked toward the exit, she looked backwards at the workers to get in some last words. then she looked forward to exit the building and slammed right into the closed door. I’ve rarely been happy after telling someone off. Even when you win it can tarnish your image and you still lose. In this day of polarization and short fuses, can’t we try a little patience? Can’t we treat others how we want to be treated? Honey usually works better than poison.

What do you think?

Low Income Earners are People, Too

Some people want the minimum wage increased to $15 an hour. I don’t know if that’s too high or not, but I believe there’s something wrong when a person with a full time job only makes about $15,000 dollars a year. Why? Because that’s near the poverty line. Anyone who works full time for someone else is spending most of their waking hours at work, allowing them less time and energy for other pursuits. Their efforts make profits for the owners of the outfit where they spend all those hours. Many company owners have become rich as a result. The least they can do is pay their workers a decent wage. And that means substantially more than poverty wages. Otherwise the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Our middle class this country spent years building needs to be maintained. That’s part of why the US has become the best country on earth to live in. Erode the middle class and our status as a first rate country erodes with it, just so the rich can get richer.
What do you think?

Don’t Accidentally Tell People You Aren’t Home

We used to hear people tell us to have a house sitter during a funeral so our homes doesn’t get burgled while we are grieving the dead.
Now I see an alarming trend: people telling everyone on social media, in so many words, that they aren’t home. Stories about driving on frozen streets and how long they think it will take them to get back home. Away on a wonderful vacation. Having a romantic dinner, or a day full of shopping. It’s fine for people to share their activities with friends. But it might not just be their friends who read their posts. I think it’s safer to wait until we get back home to inform the world of our day’s or week’s activities. And write in past tense so the reader will know our activities are over.
Remember, whatever we post is out there indefinitely–not just for our friends, but for the whole world, including past, present, and future employers. I don’t advocate lying to our employers about needing time off for medical reasons so we can take a trip to an exotic local. If we were in charge we wouldn’t want to be lied to either. I read an article about someone who did this. They posted pictures of the beautiful scenery for their friends to see. Guess what? Their employer saw the post, too.