Does it Really Make Sense for Texas to Secede from the U.S.?

A New Yorker on the Internet said she thought it was arrogant for some Texans to think we should secede, as if we think we’re too good for the rest of the country. As a native Texan, I agree with her. Many conservative Texans are fed up with Washington, currently led by a democrat. But if proponents of secession are serious, they need to look at the complete picture:

Suppose the U.S. is attacked and goes to war. Despite the great economic engine we have here in the Lone Star State, do we have the billions it would take to create our own military? Would we have the years it would take to create our own military before our enemy that is already up and running runs over us? With no federal dollars, we’d have to implement a state tax, something that Texans hate. What about the federal dollars that support Title 1 schools? What about federal highways? Prisons? Federal infrastructure, etc.?

The United States isn’t perfect, but guess what fellow Texans, neither is Texas. We’re better off if we stay put.

What do you think?

What’s More Important, The Gorilla or the Kid?

The outrage at the killing of the 400 pound gorilla at the zoo to save the three-year-old kid really surprises me. Sometimes there are no good choices. It was a shame to have to do it. But the video showed the gorilla dragging the kid around like a rag doll. The gorilla could have ripped the kid to pieces. And right in front of its mother, too. There wasn’t enough time for a tranquilizer. It wasn’t the movies where they knock their target out in seconds. It would’ve taken several minutes to put that gorilla to sleep. If they hadn’t shot the gorilla to death and he had killed that kid, then what would the zoo’s detractors say? That kid still has the rest of their life. Isn’t that more important than the gorilla’s life? Aren’t people supposed to be over the animals?

The minimum standards for zoos needs to be reviewed. Even though the zoo had recently passed an inspection, a three-year-old still got through the enclosure.That tells me those standards need to be increased. Hopefully this incident will serve as a warning for all parents who take their kids out in public: don’t let them out of your sight for a second.