Did Hillary’s Position Get Her Off?

Hillary Clinton has said publicly several times that she never sent or received classified materials on her personal server. But FBI Director James Comey said 110 of her emails contained classified information. She has to be either unbelievably stupid to have been unaware of the classified content, and she isn’t stupid, or a liar. Comey said she won’t be prosecuted because they found no evidence of “clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information and no sign of disloyalty or an effort to obstruct justice.” She didn’t “expose secrets through gross negligence” but Comey said she was “extremely careless.” Come also said it is possible that some of the classified materials on her server were stolen. What’s the difference between extremely careless and gross negligence? Maybe the law needs to be changed.

And Bill Clinton had a “chance” meeting with the Attorney General shortly before Comey released his findings. But we’re supposed to believe they talked about nothing but their grandkids and such. And Obama appears on the campaign trail with Hillary, the same day, shortly after Comey went public. Their jet setting on Air Force One–that’s supposed to be reserved for presidential business–had to have been planned before Comey’s announcement. How awkward their campaign appearance would have been if Comey had recommended that Hillary be indicted. If some or all of the above individuals don’t want this mess to appear to be rigged, then they shouldn’t do things that make it appear to be rigged.

I can’t help but wonder if Hillary got off because Obama had already said in secret that he would issue a presidential pardon if necessary.

If Hillary uses this kind of judgement, and lies about it, imagine how much she will become corrupted by the power of the presidency, and what lies she’ll tell then. Just imagine how those lies will adversely affect all of us–on both sides of the political fence, and all the other countries we deal with, and the mess that will create.

The author of this blog voted for Obama–twice.