Hillary Clinton as President Could Set a Record for Corruption

While Donald Trump isn’t perfect, I’d rather have him running the country than Hillary. All of this “Pay for Play” business scares me. Her supporters say she isn’t corrupt. But if her detractors are correct, I can’t help but wonder just how corrupt she’ll become if she manages to snatch the power of the presidency. Hillary seems to think she is special: she doesn’t have to follow the rules, she answers to no one, she can do whatever she wants. If she ‘s already become corrupted by a lower level of power, just imagine how corrupt she’ll become as President. She’s already lied repeatedly about her emails. It’s been proven that she sent and received secure information over an unsecured server, while repeatedly saying she never did. Just what would she do while sitting behind that executive desk in the oval office? And what effect would that have on all of us–and our children?

I voted for Obama twice.

Ryan Lochte is Letting us Down

It’s so sad to see another athlete getting into trouble. Ryan Lochte wants to be his own person and express his own personality. That’s fine. But as one of the best swimmers in the world, he has a responsibility to behave in a responsible manner. He evidently wants to do whatever he has a mind to do, but life in the fish bowl isn’t that simple. People watch his every move. Kids watch his every move. So now he has evidently made up a story about getting robbed in Rio. He has a history of self-serving behavior. Hopefully, someone will be able to get it through his head that he can’t just think about himself anymore–not with all those impressionable young minds watching him. I’m glad Michael Phelps wasn’t involved in the Rio antics. I wonder what Mark Spitz thinks. You never hear anything about him acting up like that.