Hillary Must Be Really Scared if She has to get Mark Cuban

Donald Trump needs to ask Hillary Clinton during their first debate why she invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row. This is an obvious attempt to psyche him out. That tells me she is afraid of Trump. I’m glad “The Donald” isn’t really going to bring in Jennifer Flowers, who knew Bill too well, to sit next to Cuban. The whole thing seems to be beneath the dignity of people who are seeking the presidency. Hopefully, the debates will focus on issues that affect us all, and not just a lot of trash talk. The worst thing Hillary can do is show her fear. Inviting Cuban, who has spoken out against Trump, shows just how afraid she really is. We’ll see if that fear shows in the first debate.

Please let me know what you think.

Media Jumps on Almost Everything Trump Says

Donald Trump was being facetious when he said that Hillary Clinton should tell her security people to disarm. She wants considerably more gun control than he does. Trump was simply trying to make this point by saying in so many words that if she wants to take people’s guns away (which is a bit of an exaggeration) then she should put her money where her mouth is by disarming her protectors and see what happens. I agree with other people who believe he shouldn’t have put it that way. I disagree with those who say this was a call to violence. Trump has his own style that can be blunt, to say the least. I disagree with many things he has said. But instead of overreacting every time he opens his mouth, let’s try to understand what he really means; the world is not all black or white, much of it falls within the many shades of gray.

Now Hillary is Attacking Donald Trump’s Supporters. How Lowdown Will She Sink?

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters deplorables. This is supposed to mean that Trump is racist so his supporters are, too. I have a hard time believing that. Trump has said some wrong things, but that doesn’t mean his supporters agree with everything he has said. I’m still going to vote for Trump. If I were a racist, I wouldn’t agree to have my latest novel, Dirty Dad by David Ravenwood published by UrbanEdge Publishing, a publishing company that is owned by African Americans. In fact, if you look at the authors on their website, you’ll see that I’m the only white author they have. I don’t think they care and I don’t either. They liked my book so they published it. That’s all that matters. Whoever they vote for is fine with me because that’s their business. Hillary says she wants the campaign to be about issues that affect us all, no matter who we are or what we are. If that is true, then she, too, needs to quit talking about so-and-so being racist.

What Punishment would Brock Turner get if he weren’t white and privileged?

A young white male athlete from a prestigious school gets six months in jail for having sex with an unconscious woman in public. It isn’t right but many people can’t help but wonder what punishment he would have received if he weren’t white and had no money. The judge said a bigger sentence could adversely affect him. What about the effect on the woman who was victimized? What kind of a message does the judge send to other young people when they let a rapist off with a slap on the wrist? And this isn’t the first time a person with wealth an influence was able to get off. It reminds me of the Affluenza Kid here in Texas who got off with ten years probation after killing four people with his car over three years ago. What did he do after that? He violated his probation and fled to Mexico to evade the law. If Brock Turner doesn’t have to adequately answer for his disgusting crime, what will he do next? I hope his lenient judge gets removed and replaced by someone who means business.