Let Everyone See Santa Free of Charge

The idea of Santa is heartwarming because this cheerful, selfless, man is for everyone. When he comes down the chimney at midnight to leave your presents under your Christmas tree, he doesn’t charge you for them. They are gifts. You aren’t supposed to pay for them.

But the last couple of years at The Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas, a disturbing event has taken place. Inside a large open area, where they used to put up a twenty-feet tall tree full of decorations for all to see, with Santa sitting nearby to greet every kid and ask want they want for Christmas, they now build a Santa house. Santa is no longer out among all the children. He is inside that house. You can’t see him unless you go inside. And you have to pay several dollars for the privilege of seeing Santa.

That rubs me the wrong way. Not everyone can afford to pay to see Santa. They shouldn’t have to. Santa is supposed to be for every single person–young and old. That’s part of his universal appeal. Can you imagine all those presents under your tree on Christmas morning? Your kids eyes light up. All is wonderful until you find a piece of paper among the gifts in bright wrapping paper and colorful bags that says: Amount due to Santa-$440.02.

Must Have Term Limits For Congress

It’s good to hear about term limits for Congress again. Part of the cause of the partisanship we have today is all of those career politicians in Congress. The most important thing to them is getting reelected again and again–courtesy of our tax dollars. If all Congressman and women were limited to one six-year term, they wouldn’t spend any time working to get reelected. Hopefully, the only thing left for them to do, would be to solve the problems they were elected to fix in the first place. As long as they can make a career in politics–at our expense–the problems will only get worse. Let’s get behind the push for term limits in Congress. Regardless of who you vote for this November, I believe that’s the only way to get Congress to start doing its job.

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A Place To Get The Facts Before You Vote

You’re probably sick of hearing about how Donald did this and Hillary did that. I know I am. If you want to know where the candidates stand on the issues–without all the insults–you can go to www.aarp.org and read all about it. It doesn’t matter if you are several decades away from retirement. This info about both candidates is available to all. It will give you a chance to get better informed without all the bias.

Please Don’t Put All Men in Same Boat

Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about women are inexcusable. There’s still another problem that I haven’t heard anyone address. On Face The Nation they interviewed a panel of twelve voters. Each were asked about the eleven-year-old audio tape of Trump and another man talking about their sexual escapades. Two of the women on the panel said this kind of talk is common. My fear is that Trump might cause some women to think all men are like that. I want to remind the wonderful women out there that we do have men who respect you. We don’t cheat on our wives or engage in that kind of talk with our men friends. Demeaning talk about women may very well occur more often than we as a society would like to acknowledge, but I’d like to believe there are many men who prefer to take the high road. We men need to refrain from talking about the opposite sex the way Trump did. It doesn’t make us look like men. Instead it shows how insensitive we can be and that we need to grow up. It’s bad enough when teenage boys do that. It’s even worse when the guilty party has been a grown man for several decades.

Don’t Waste Your Vote

An article in the Dallas Morning News said a vote for third party candidates is not a waste.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are third party candidates for president. You may think they have good ideas about how our country should be run. You may like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or you might not like either one of these candidates after the things they have said and done. Even if you don’t like either one, I still think it’s best to vote for Donald or Hillary. Why? Because these two are the only ones with a chance to win. Third party candidates are running at only 6-8% in the polls. We only have a month and one week until the election. The chances of a third party candidate catching on and winning the election at this late date is about zero.

The presidency is all about leading the country and solving problems. A vote for someone other than Clinton or Trump might make you feel better for voting for someone else because you like what they say. But you’ll be wasting your vote on a candidate with no chance to get elected and and start solving problems in a way that you agree with. Whether you like the major candidates or not, please vote for a candidate with a good chance to actually get elected and go to work for our country.

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