Speaking Well of Castro?

It seems odd that some people are saying what a great leader Castro was. What about the fact that he bullied his way into power? Then he suspended free elections out of fear that he would be ousted through the political process. He lied to the world and said he wasn’t a communist. Then he threw in with the Soviet Union and agreed to let them install nuclear missiles just ninety miles from the United States. But we were supposed to be too dumb to recognize Castro’s allegiance to communism. We almost had World War III over that one.

Cubans had no choice of leaders for over a half-century. Each U.S. citizen should think about all the presidents they have had during their lifetime. Pick out the one you thought was the worst. Now try to imagine having to put up with that person in power for over fifty years. Castro also took the assets away from Cuba’s wealthy. He was a dictator who had one set of rules for himself and another set of rules for the Cuban citizens. At one point, he had access to the Internet, but the people of Cuba did not. Try to imagine that here. After all of that, it’s hard for me to believe Castro was a good leader.

Mitt Romney Changes His Tune Again

When Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012, Romney talked about how great Trump is. Four years later during Trump’s campaign, Romney talked about how rotten Trump is. Now that Romney might get a spot in Trump’s cabinet, he’s speaking well of Trump again. Many politicians say one thing and then another, but Romney seems to be worse than average. I admire Trump’s willingness to bury the hatchet, but I hope he really thinks it through about this particular job hopeful.

Protesters Don’t Unite Us By Rioting

When Barack Obama won the presidency, his detractors didn’t demonstrate and riot–twice, as he was elected two times. The anti-Trump demonstrators and rioters need to learn that the losers who didn’t want Obama were just as convinced that he was the wrong person for the job as today’s losers are convinced that Trump is wrong. Demonstrating and rioting against Trump makes those people look like sore losers. It’s easy to be a gracious winner. But a person shows their true colors are coming up gold when they are a gracious loser. The Bushes were gracious when Obama won. Now, the Obama’s are being gracious after Trump won. Even Hillary was gracious after Trump won. The anti-Trump demonstrators and rioters need to take their cue from the leader of their own party: Obama said his top priority between now and January 20th is to help make the transition of power go as smoothly as possible to help make the Trump presidency a success.

And he said those words even though he must be just as convinced as the demonstrators and rioters that Hillary should have won.

If Hillary Gets Elected, She’ll Probably Have To Resign

Hillary Clinton appears to be so scandal-ridden that she won’t last through a first term in the White House. It can happen. It happened to Nixon in his second term. If she’s the type who becomes corrupted by power, we must ask ourselves how corrupt she will become with the power of the Presidency in her possession. Those of us who are old enough can remember how hard Watergate was on our nation. President Ford pardoned Nixon–and the historians say that cost him a full term as an elected President. Before you vote, think about what it would be like to go through something like that all over again. If you’re not old enough to remember, ask someone who is before you go to the poles.