Rex Tillerson and Russia’s Putin

Several people have worried about the friendly relationship between Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia. Putin has been called a thug and several other things. He has his faults, for sure, but he also happens to be the leader of one of the biggest countries in the world. Russia is too big to ignore just because of some of the things Putin has done. I’m convinced the United States will be better off if we can work with him. Tillerson already has. We’ve already spent 8 years with a president who doesn’t get along with the leader of Israel. It’s about time we start working with all these people. I’m hoping the Trump administration will. We all should hope it will.

Is the Media making Too Big a Deal About Trump’s Businesses?

President Elect Trump said he turned down business deals worth a billion dollars because it might be perceived as a conflict of interest. He says he can make more money running the Trump companies than he can as president. He’s going to be too busy running the country. That’s his focus now. But the media keeps making a big deal about it. The electorate voted for a business man, giving him over 300 electoral votes. He says he can’t sell all his real estate holdings in a day or a month. That makes sense unless we expect him to dump all his properties at a huge loss–which I think would be unreasonable. His family and managers will run the company while he runs the country. Let’s give him a chance before we say there must be something rotten in Trumpmark.

Call From Taiwan Leader to Trump Not a Big Deal

The leader of Taiwan called Donald Trump to congratulate him. The people of Taiwan are people, too and shouldn’t be diminished by being treated as if they are nothing more than an extension of the Chinese. I’m glad Trump didn’t snub her. Just because no president has talked on the phone with a Taiwan leader since 1979 doesn’t make it right to refuse to have any contact with them. Some people need to get over this.

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