Will Trump Really Look Out For The Little People?

We all know Donald Trump got elected by appealing to the people who make a few thousand instead of millions each year: the disenfranchised, the people left at the gate who thought Trump and his people could straighten out the mess in Washington, fix the system he said was rigged, etc.

Now Trump is putting a cabinet together that’s filled with rich people. Some of those people are apposed to some of the promises Trump made to the electorate. That should concern us. The democrats say Trump doesn’t care about the people and pulled the wool over their eyes to obtain presidential power–only to use it for himself.

We must all watch carefully to see what Trump and company does. Despite the crazy things he said and did during the campaign, I think his administration will be among the best if it really does “make America great again.” If not, it will be vilified. I pray for the former–because we all need the former. I hope you’ll pray for Trump’s success too, even if you didn’t vote for him.

Rick Perry as Energy Secretary is Scary

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has been named by President Elect Trump as the new energy secretary. The Energy Department is responsible for safeguarding and designing our nation’s nuclear arsenal.

The Dallas morning news recently stated that Perry spent 14 years transforming the “traditionally weak governors office into the perch with more power than any other in the Lone Star State.”

I recall in 2014 when Rosemary Lehmberg, who was head of the Public Accountability Office, was arrested for drunk driving. She refused to resign after Perry called for her resignation. He responded by cutting funding to the PAO. Even though his indictment for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant were dropped, I still believe he did abuse his power. His actions adversely affected all the innocent people who worked in that office, as well as all the innocent people that office was created to serve. That’s called collateral damage. If Perry cared about the welfare of all those people, he wouldn’t have thrown his weight around. I think Perry is the type of person who lets his power go to his head. Someone like that doesn’t need to be in charge of the agency that wields our nuclear capability.

I hope I’m proven wrong. Hopefully Perry will change and won’t abuse his power where nuclear weapons are at stake.

School District Incompetence Not Limited to Administration Buildings

A retired FBI agent has spent several years investigating Texas school districts. According to him, the school boards and superintendents say they’re making decisions based on ‘what’s best for the kids, when none of their decisions are for the kids.’ He said school districts are run like fiefdoms. He has found fraud and incompetence in several different districts. As a former classroom teacher in Texas, I’m not surprised. But and article in the Dallas Morning News, written about him and his findings, only mentioned these problems among the school boards and superintendents.

Another problem I’ve read about for years is incompetence and wrong doing among the teachers. Over the years, I’ve seen my share of this too while working in the schools.

The retired FBI agent didn’t mention this or something else that I think is a much bigger problem than what goes on at the administration buildings: corruption and incompetence among the principals and assistant principals in the schools. Texas Teachers are not allowed to go on strike, no matter what. They aren’t even allowed to belong to a union. For eight years I had to report to a principal who was in love with a clause, “Other duties as assigned,” as it appears in all Texas public school contracts. The power structure in the teacher/administrator relationship in lopsided in favor of administrators. My principal thought the above phrase gave him or her carte blanche. While I know and have worked with several good principals, too many have become corrupted by their power: favoritism, hiring snitches to dig up dirt on teachers they don’t like, making up lies when they can find no dirt, breaking the law while attempting to lie their way out of it, etc.

There are far more schools than school boards and superintendents. Even when we remove the schools that are run by good, solid administrators (and there are several) there is more wrong doing in the schools that at the administration buildings, simply because of the numbers. If we really want our schools to stop being fiefdoms and put the kids first, as each school says it does, we need to dig into the schools themselves and see what comes into the light of day.