Dallas ISD Cuts off Nose to Spite Face by Doing Away With Suspension for K-2 Kids

A teacher with 19 years in the general ed. classroom it baffles me every time administrators take away student responsibility for their behavior. Now the DISD has done away with suspending students who misbehave and disrupt their classrooms in grades K-2. They say they will give teachers in those grades additional training to handle unruly students.

This sounds to me like another example of stretching the teachers even farther when any changes are made. “Let the teachers make up the difference.” A well-known morning news anchor in the DFW area said at the end of a news segment on this topic, “If you can’t handle a five-year-old, then maybe you shouldn’t work in education.”

I’d like to see this reporter handle a student who doesn’t take no for an answer  and insists on getting their way: to the point of yelling and demanding what they want; throwing tantrums; even throwing furniture. Yes, the five-year-olds are capable of this. If a student isn’t removed from the classroom at this point, all learning stops as the teachers is forced to quit teaching to deal with this student, while the other behaving students are either gawking at the trouble-making student or are ducking for cover to keep from getting hurt.

Fifty years ago students were held responsible for their actions. Back then the behavior at school was better. All you adults who are 60 or older, please ask yourselves these questions. Are you a warped adult because you had to toe the line at school? Would you be better off today if you had been allowed to create havoc in the classroom?

When will the people who run our schools quit sacrificing the many for the few?

What About the Restaurant Going Short-Handed when 12 Employees Didn’t Show Up?

An article on the Internet about 12 employees who didn’t show up for work at a bar and grill–all on the same day–didn’t mention the restaurant owners side: that he was faced with trying to operate his restaurant that day with 12 employees missing. The restaurant business is tough enough with all hands present and accounted for. What’s worse is, those workers didn’t call to say they wouldn’t be there. So the owner had to try and cover things as best he could with a huge shortage of man power and without any warning.

The absentee employees’ concern for immigrants is understandable; they want to be treated fairly, though many people have different ideas about what is fair and just treatment of immigrants, illegally in the U.S. or not. But I think it was selfish and inconsiderate of them to take off work without asking or even telling the restaurant owner ahead of time.

How would they like it if they owned a restaurant and 12 of their employees did that to them, even if they thought they had a good reason for being absent that day?

How would they feel if their employer decided without warning to withhold their pay for a week, after they had worked all week long, just to prove a point that was important to him?

I know some employers abuse their power, and are at fault in some disagreements with hard working employees who want to do the right thing. It has happened to me with more than one employer. In one case it went on for over eight years until I finally had to resign my position that I really wanted to keep, even before I’d found something else. But in this case, people should find another way to take a stand, instead of creating a hardship for the people who pay them when they do show up for work.

STAAR Test Changes Must Be Announced Before Beginning of School Year

If only the STAAR Test Police would get their ducks in a row the way Texas teachers are required to do. Teachers have enough to worry about: increasing paperwork, being held responsible for student success to the point of getting  scapegoated when tests results aren’t high enough to please the brass, along with the demands of preparing for and teaching a class full of students all day.

Today’s Texas teachers also have to keep up with endless changes handed to them by the STAAR police. Trouble is, this unpredictable group changes their minds in mid year so that content the teachers have taught the kids to prepare for the test no longer applies, or applies in a different way. Getting the kids ready for the be-all and end-all test becomes far more difficult when the teachers are not given consistent guidelines that stay the same all year.

Teachers are expected to teach in a consistent manner so their students can excel. If the STAAR police really want this to happen, then they need to be consistent when handling down their endless edicts.

Demonstrators Need to Accept Election Outcome

I apologize to all of my readers for taking three weeks to blog. I’ve been sick but and now getting better.

Several news outlets have been full of demonstrators against President Trump. I think they need to go home and go to work–or get a job if they don’t have one. If Hillary had won and the Trump supporters were out protesting with their signs and chants, then all those Hillary supporters who are now out protesting would think the Trump people have no right to protest. As an independent who votes republican or democrat, depending on the candidates and issues of the day, I have seen several of my candidates lose over the years. All voters who lose are just as convinced as the anti-Trump people are, that their candidate should have won and the other candidate has no business being in office. But we don’t go out with signs so we can get on television and chant over and over. No one gets their way all the time. I’ve spent 60 years accommodating people in countless ways that I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have had to, but I don’t go out and gripe about it. So have a lot of other people. Sometimes life is tough. Some of us need to stop protesting and accept our president after each election, no matter how wrong we absolutely think they are.

What do you think?