U.S. Still Needs New Health Plan

Obama Care still needs to be replaced. I resisted calling it that for years. Its real name is The Affordable Health Care Act. But it isn’t affordable anymore. And the rates keep going up so that many of its members can’t afford to use it. Some say the republican replacement didn’t go far enough, so they couldn’t get enough votes for it to pass into law. If so, then they need to come up with a better plan and an affordable rate.

When a person with little or no money needs the fire department, they don’t say to that person, “Let your whole family die.” When that same person needs the police, they don’t say to him or her, “Let the crooks kill your whole family.” So when that person gets sick, the doctors who want to save lives shouldn’t have to say in so many words, “Just die.” Or, “Let your husband, wife, son, or daughter die.”

If the U.S. isn’t ready go to a single-payer national health care plan, as the other major countries have, then we need a plan that everyone can afford–so health care stops being a privilege for the well-off and becomes a right for every one. Just like police and fire protection.

Some Texas Legislators Still Want Education on the Cheap

Two bills have been filed in Austin, Texas to change the teacher retirement from a defined benefits plan to something that resembles a 401K. They say this will only be for new teachers, but I think it is a bad plan for everyone, including our children.

People entering the teaching profession already know they will be working very hard for less money than they would earn in the private sector. Part of what we need to motivate people to enter the teaching profession is a stable retirement to help compensate for the lower pay during their teaching years–when they will be stretched to the limit trying to be everything for everyone.

If a prospective teacher believes their retirement will be unstable, they will think twice before entering this honorable profession. We already have a teacher shortage in this state. The average length of time for new teachers is only five years. They get out when they realize how bad the working conditions are, and are getting worse.

If we want good teachers in the great state of Texas, who will spend their entire career teaching our children and guiding them toward success, we need to pay them well while they are teaching, and ensure a stable retirement after they have burned themselves out.

President Trump Needs to let his Team Handle the Little Things

Donald Trump has the chance to do extraordinary things. He business career is amazing. If he wants the same success as our president, he needs to stop tweeting about every little slight. He also needs to stop tweeting about other people’s wrong doing unless he can back it up with facts. Now he thinks Obama bugged his offices in Trump Tower, but he offers no proof. He only has so much time to make all his promises come true. If his supporters think he is frittering away his time on the little things, they’ll dump him in 2020. If he really can fix what’s wrong with the U.S. by focusing on the big issues, it would be a shame to see him give away that chance. He likes Ronald Reagan. Let’s tell him over and over to Ronald Reagan it up by letting his staff handle the little things and use his unique position to “Make American Great Again.”