Don’t Let Trump Team Triumph Over Science

Seeing the Trump administration stand up for the U.S. and the world recently has been a welcome change for many people from the politically correct weak policies of Obama and company. And I say that after voting for Obama twice. But we need to make sure Trump and his cabinet don’t go too far. They have proposed draconian cuts to the scientific community which will affect the world in numerous ways: namely, scientific research is crucial for the advancement of the human race. So much of world events are politicized nowadays. But research is bigger than politics. It affects everyone on the planet; and we only have one planet to live on so we need to learn as much as we can about how human activity affects our planet.

Also, if we cut funding for medical research, then we can kiss much of the advances in medicine goodbye. That means people die who could have been saved. What if that person who dies is someone you love? What if it’s you?

We need to let the Trump administration know we want to strike a good balance between scientific research and its other programs so we don’t sail off into an abyss.

Trump Shouldn’t be Criticized for Protecting Us

Last Thursday the United States dropped “the mother of all bombs” on ISIS caves in Afghanistan. Candidate Trump said he would focus on protecting the United States instead of being politically correct like Obama. Many people voted for him because of it. Now that he is the president, some people are criticizing him for doing just that. Standing up for the U.S. isn’t easy. People get hurt; that’s the unfortunate reality. Some leaders don’t have the stomach for that. Trump does. He’s sending a message to the world that the days of a soft America when the bad guys got to run amuck are over. It’s horrible but we have to send that message every now and then. Where would we be now if we had tried to duck World War II?

Trump Not Afraid to Stand Up

President Trump showed the world that he will do what it takes to protect our world from ruthless killers. Most countries have long ago agreed to refrain from using chemical weapons–even in times of war. But Assad, the leader of Syria, used them on his own people, killing eighty people, even little babies.

Obama seemed to be more interested in being politically correct then in standing up to bullies. He drew a line in the sand three years ago and did nothing when it was crossed. Other countries noticed and took advantage of the situation.

How good it is to finally have a leader who doesn’t care about political correctness. The U.S. attack on the Syrian airfield in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons sends two messages: 1. The use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. 2. Anyone who messes with the U.S. will face retaliation. Trump didn’t want to have to attack the Syrian airfield; but sometimes you have to stand up for what is right or the bad guys will run amuck.

This is not a partisan blog in favor of President Trump. I voted for Obama twice. Unfortunately, he didn’t handle foreign affairs well. Looks like Trump will be different.

Military Men and Woman Deserve More Money for Protecting Americans

The following is an excerpt I copied and pasted from an opinion written by CNN’s Daniel B. Baer. It makes good sense to me.

Many Americans would be surprised to know that an enlisted soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman starts on around $9.25 an hour (and that’s if you assume a 40-hour work week.) They get a subsistence allowance for food of less than $100/week. So that bumps the hourly wage up to $11.25, which is still less than the minimum wage in some parts of the United States.
Obviously, the wages increase over time, but even after more than a decade and several promotions, most enlisted personnel still hover around the median salary in the United States — less than $50,000 a year. And the vast majority make less than $40,000.
Some will say “service is its own reward,” and while it’s surely true that financial benefits shouldn’t be the only reason that someone goes into the military (or any form of public service), compensation still matters — and the compensation we pay as a society is part of demonstrating respect for the job that our public servants do.
For about 7.5% of Trump’s proposed increase in the defense budget, around $4 billion, we could give a 10% raise to all our enlisted personnel. That’s right — every one of the more than 1 million enlisted men and women could see their basic pay go up 10%. That’s enough to put that new pickup truck within reach or buy new school clothes for the kids. It would be good for the economy, too — additional spending power to those making less than $50,000 generally translates at a high rate (almost 100%) to additional consumption.

Good article. I wish we would show teachers and first responders the same kind of respect Mr. Baer was talking about.