Does Greg Gianforte Have the Right Temperment to Lead?

Montana may have its hands full with the election of Greg Gianforte. If he can’t handle a reporter’s questions without blowing his stack, how will he be able to work with other politicians who don’t see eye to eye with him either? The audio tape of him yelling reveals quite a temper and a lot of anger.

Unfortunately, too many reporters get out of line with their questions and behavior. But one of the worst things a politician can do is boil over like that. Politics means working with others, not ranting and raving at them–and supposedly body slamming them.

Don’t Just Acknowledge Mothers on Mother’s Day

It’s easy to get so caught up in honoring our mothers that we forget to acknowledge other family and friends. I’ve never met one person from any walk of life who likes to be treated as if they are unimportant or don’t even exist. Most of the time the oversights are unintentional, as we are bending over backwards to pay homage to our mothers. But it still hurts when people ignore you. So please, on this all-important Mother’s Day, take time to recognize the other people in your life who aren’t mothers.

We Simply Must Hold Our Children Accountable

There is a bill in the Texas legislature to outlaw out-of-school suspension for all students from Kindergarten through second grade. As a teacher with 19 years experience, I can’t help but think these legislators have never taught school before. If those students can’t get suspended, they will spend more time disrupting the classrooms. That means the teachers will spend even more time on discipline and less time teaching. The bottom line is this: Your children who are not disrupting will learn less.

We need to stop sacrificing the many for the few. What about all your kids who are not causing problems? Don’t they have the right to be in a classroom that is conducive to the learning experience, with as few distractions as possible? Every minute spent on discipline is another minute your child doesn’t learn–because the teacher is dealing with disruption instead of the teaching and learning experience.

If kids aren’t held accountable, too many of them with cause problems. They aren’t dumb; they know what they can get away with and what they can’t.

I don’t think we are warping our kids by making them toe the line. Fifty years ago we had to toe the line when we were school kids. If we didn’t we were punished. (That word isn’t politically correct but it’s the truth.) I don’t think we are now warped adults because we were held responsible for our actions. Today’s kids won’t be either–even if they do have to start measuring up.

What do you think?