Note to Republicans: Cut out the Foolishness and Pass a New Healthcare Bill

The republicans have promised for seven years to repeal Obama care and replace it with something that works better and costs less. Now we have a republican president, and congress. Now is the Trump administration’s chance! If they keep messing around, the Trump supporters will just tune out, the political pundits say. Trump needs to listen to his new chief of staff and start running the oval office how it is supposed to be run, instead of by the seat of Trump’s pants. Let’s not blow this opportunity to fix the healthcare mess that affects every American citizen. We deserve better.

And if the republican’s in Washington are too egocentric to appreciate that idea, then they should play into their own egocentricity: Fix the problem and help the American people as they are supposed to do, or go down in history as a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats who blew it when they had their big chance.

Texas Governor Abbott no Different than other Politicians on Education

Governor Abbott wants a $1000 dollar raise for teachers–but he wants each school district to pay for it. I wonder if he’s ever heard of the old adage, “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” If a district has 1000 teachers, they’ll have to take $1,000,000 from other district needs to pay for it. Our schools in Texas are already underfunded. Making each district pay for the raise will add to this problem. As a former teacher, I’m all for the raise. Even with the raise, the teachers will still be underpaid for all they do.  The raise should come from the state so we’re not undercutting district budgets any more than they already are now. When will our politicians learn that if they want to improve the quality of education for your children, they’re going to have to stop trying to do it on the cheap? Sounds as if Abbott wants us to think he’s doing us a favor; but we’re not that dumb.

Promoting Mental Health is the Healthy Thing to Do

A lady took a few days off from work for mental health reasons. Her employer thought that was a good idea and supported her in this decision. Her condition wasn’t considered to be a weakness; she instead was applauded for maintaining her mental health. More business need to come into the 21st century and accept mental management as a strength. After all, we take our cars in for tune-ups, why not our brains?

Some people have been denied health care coverage because they sought professional counseling when they needed it. Medical science is now understanding that good mental health promotes good physical health, which is what the insurance companies are interested in. Some insurers need to bring their businesses out of the dark ages and into the enlightenment of good mental health.

Listening to Another Viewpoint Won’t Kill Us

Many people complain about partisan politics. We see hatred and violent episodes fueled by intolerance of different beliefs. Want to help change this for the better? Start getting your news from more than one source. Be honest. How many of you read or watch the news from the same source over and over? It’s an easy habit to fall into: providing comfort and validation by reading and hearing viewpoints that agree with our own. It let’s us say to ourselves, “I must be right.”

But I learned to watch CNN and Fox News. I read the Dallas Morning News and the New York Times. By listening to more than one viewpoint, we become better informed and will make better decisions. We realize that tolerance makes us stronger, not weaker. After objectively listening to the other side, we may change our minds completely, somewhat, or not at all. I’ve done all three. Guess what? I lived to tell about it. My world didn’t come crashing down just because I listened to a different viewpoint besides my own.

If you are still afraid, just try it for one week. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to that one exclusive news source.