Spending Money on Names Instead of Pot Holes

We’re spending a lot of money on the removal of Confederate statues and the renaming of schools and streets. Uh oh! I must be racist because I showed respect for the Confederacy by using a capitol letter. Opps, I just did it again. Can you see the lunacy? How far will be go to be politically correct at the expense of unattended needs? Someone on Facebook got it right. They asked why we don’t fix the potholes on certain roads first before spending all that money to rename them. I once flattened two tires at the same time when I hit a pothole that bent the steel wheels and let the air out of both tires on a country road at midnight. Texas joined the Confederacy during the Civil War. While I’m a native Texan who is certainly glad the North won that war and ended slavery, I wouldn’t have felt any better while stranded on that dark, deserted road several miles from home if they had spent tax money to change the name of that road from a Confederate figure in history to something else. I still would have been stranded with only one spare tire. And this was back in the 1970s before cell phones.

Maybe We Should Make “Gone With The Wind” Illegal

The statue of Robert E. Lee in Dallas, Texas is now gone. Dallas is also going to rename some of their public schools that currently are named after Confederate Civil War figures.

If we’re attempting to erase that part of our history that isn’t pretty, then how far will we go? Why not make it illegal to own a copy Gone With The Wind? It should also be illegal to own any history books that mention the Civil War. Do away with all history class in every school across the land. We should eliminate the Civil War reenactments and all museums that display Civil War artifacts. Never mind all the people employed in these industries that will be thrown out of work. Never mind that washing away all history that isn’t peaches and cream means we will be ignorant of our past–and more prone repeat that history we have blissfully become ignorant of.

Mainstream Media Incorrectly Blames Social Media for PaniC at the PumP

Early Thursday morning, the local news in DFW said, “The gas stations are running out of gas! Get your gas now!” It wasn’t just the words; it was their urgent tone, making people think their was a shortage when government officials later said there was NO shortage. People raced out to top off their tanks, even if they didn’t need gas yet. The huge demand caused gas stations to run out of gas even though many of them had enough to meet a normal day’s demand.

I believe it was those mainstream media reports that created the domino effect on social media, which amplified the panic. Unfortunately mainstream media nowadays is more about ratings than news. It was no skin off their collective noses when they created the panic. They’re went for the sensational and got their ratings. They are happy.

But even though we have a wonderful thing called free speech in this country, we still can’t yell, “Fire!” in a crowded theater without getting punished for it. Mainstream media should have to toe the same line. If they were fined several million for making irresponsible remarks that caused thousands of people to endure unnecessary hardship, they would be less prone to shoot from the hip. Some people might think a fine of this size is extreme, but we have to get their attention. They won’t do the right thing because it is the right thing.

We must show the mainstream media how it’s in their own self-interest to do the right thing. They shouldn’t be able to duck responsibility by coming back the next day and blaming social media. Since news is too much about ratings and big dollars, then the fine has to be big enough to force them to take into account how their actions affect their viewers. Because nowadays those viewers control the content on social media where there is far less substantiation of news items then on mainstream media. And we have already seen what a poor job they sometimes do of making sure their news is true.