Women Coming Out is Good, But Be Careful

People in power can no longer depend on their positions to protect them when they make unwanted sexual advances on others. Several women are now breaking the taboo by speaking out when they have become victims. Hopefully all those big shots who have become corrupted by their power will now think twice before they stoop so low as to sexually harass another human being.

But let’s hope every single one of those women are telling the truth. I’m sure most of them are. Hopefully they all are. If not, they need to consider the fact that they could ruin a person’s life if they lie just to get even over another type of disagreement, or because they have different political views, or to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

Again, hopefully all are telling the truth. And all those big shots who can’t keep it zipped need to learn how to do just that.

Watch Cars and Exits to Stay Safe

Never thought it would come to this. When walking in the vicinity of cars, keep your radar up. Don’t assume that driver who is motioning for you to walk past the front of his car while he waits for you to cross is on the up and up. We can’t go live in caves. We still have to cross streets where cars are passing by. Just use your senses make decisions based on what you see and feel. If it doesn’t feel right to cross in front of a stopped car with a driver who is motioning for you to cross, then don’t do it. If you do cross, be alert in case the driver suddenly lurches forward.

After the attack today in a church in South Texas, always know where the exits are whenever you enter a building, any kind of building. If you go to an upper floor, make sure you know where those exits are, too. Go about your business, but know the exits so you’ll be prepared to make a quick getaway if necessary. Be aware and stay safe.