Make Trouble-Makers Pay The Big Bucks

When people leave a “present” of a box of manure for the secretary of the treasury,or anyone else, they should have to foot the bill for the first responders who had to search through that muck to see if it was a bomb,or something else dangerous. People shouldn’t get away unpunished for a deed like that just because it isn’t illegal. Who knows how many tax dollars were spent to care of that mess. When a person needs the police or fire department for a legitimate reason, I agree that they shouldn’t receive a bill for services rendered. But whenever anyone does something on purpose, such as scaling the Empire State Building, and gets hung up near the top so the rescuers have to go into action, then that person needs to dig into their own pockets to reimburse the taxpayer who just goes to work everyday and keeps his feet on the ground. Hopefully, the person who destroyed a stone copy of the Ten Commandments will have to pay, too. Would that vandal want whatever he believes in, and puts on display, to be destroyed by someone who disagrees with it?

Hope Tax Reform Isn’t Like Reagan’s Trickle Down

Tax reform is great if it actually lowers taxes for the little people, not just rich people and big business. I remember President Reagan’s republican tax overhaul, promising relief for everyone. They said little people would prosper as the tax relief trickles down to the average person struggling to make a living. It didn’t nickel down. Hopefully, the republicans really mean it this time.