Former Presidents Political Posturing Diminishes Us All

Obama and George W. publicly said in so many words that our leaders should unify not divide. I wholeheartedly agree. But while they didn’t mention President Trump by name, they obviously were talking about him. Make no mistake about it, their speeches were political. Don’t think so? Then consider two questions. If Hillary were president and spoke and acted in a divisive manner, would Obama still have made that speech? If Jeb Bush were president and spoke or acted divisively, would older brother have made his speech? While former President Bush’s words rang true, I believe his family has another motive: First George H. W. served as president, then George W. took his turn. They viewed Jeb as the heir apparent and are still sore because a man with no political experience named Donald Trump came along and ripped the presidential rug right out from under him. Yep. You can bet your bottom dollar that George W. would have remained silent if Little Brother, as president, spent too much time shooting from the hip.

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