Republicans Want to Gyp Seniors Out of Medicare and Social Security

Those republican fat cats want to cut your Social Security and Medicare benefits. Never mind that many seniors are just getting by as it is now. I can’t understand how elected officials can be so calloused. The kind of reductions they propose will plunge many seniors into poverty. Some won’t get the health care they need. Should that be our reward for a life of working hard and paying taxes? Most of those republicans who propose these draconian cuts are rich. They won’t be affected. It reminds me of an old movie where the insurance company is going to have pay double indemnity. It looks like an accidental death to the law. But Edward G. Robinson, the insurance investigator who knows its murder says, “The police are satisfied, it’s not their dough.”

No matter your age, google AARP if you aren’t already a member to find out how you can help protect your benefits that you are paying into–or are now rightfully collecting from.

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