Let’s Not Drive Away People From Our Churches

There is an unfortunate behavior in our churches that I’ve seen for almost six decades. Too many people who profess to be Christians seem to think we have entered a protective cocoon when we go to church; on a subconscious level, we believe we can think only of ourselves and do what ever we want. Some of us need to pull our heads out of the sand if we don’t want to drive away the newcomers in droves. This morning a person who is at least 65 years old and should know better, purposely drove the wrong direction to pull into a church parking space and parked his car at the wrong angle with his left, front tire across the white line. We waited to park next to him in that space he had encroached upon. He got out of his car, looked at us waiting for him to straighten his car, looked back at his car, didn’t move it, and walked off. He evidently didn’t give one thought to a bible verse that is a basic tenet of Christianity: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Being an imperfect Christian, I couldn’t help thinking how egocentric, selfish, self-centered, rude, and inconsiderate he was being. Suppose my wife and I were going to church for the first time in our lives. Even before we get out of our car, we see someone who is supposedly a Christian pulling a stunt like that. We might have said what I have heard countless people say about people who go to church: they’re all a bunch of hypocrites. Just as many others have been repelled by bad behavior at church, we may have been disgusted, too, and never have entered a church for our entire lives–and never heard the word of God.



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