Dirty Dad


Dirty Dad is my second novel to publish and my first book with UrbanEdge Publishing. It is now available through www.amazon.com.

Dirty Dad is a mystery novel set in 1985 about the wealthy Kempner family’s dirty dealings. After patriarch Jim Kempner, a Texas commercial real estate tycoon dies on a Hawaiian vacation, oil slides to nine dollars a barrel and kills the family empire he’d built with his son, Mitch, putting thousands out of work. The situation worsens for Mitch and his employees when Jim’s will says that all assets will convert to cash and be put into a trust for his second wife, Laura, leaving Mitch with nothing.

After he becomes the prime suspect when she’s murdered, Mitch and his fiancée, Betty Wilkenson, find several dark family connections to World War II inside the Kempner mansion: the true identity of Mike Johnson—the banker who manages Laura’s trust, Mitch’s connection to the plunder and mass murder of millions of innocent Jews, and the dirty source of the vast Kempner estate.

Another family connection brings Laura’s murderer-blackmailer out into the open, someone Mitch knew too well in the past, along with a few modern day Nazis in the U.S. and Germany. Mitch now wants to take the Kempner fortune he’s learned was stolen from the Jews and make reparations to the descendants of the holocaust. Maybe this will restore excoriated lives, his own—now rotted away by guilt, and those of millions of an innocent race of good people. And Betty has helped him find a way to restore all those lost jobs and disrupted lives after he gives the money back in the near future; but will the killer get to Betty and him first—and use their Kempner lineage to snatch the looted loot?