Without Mom


Without Mom is my first published novel–available in ebook and paperback at www.amazon.com.

Do you remember your teen years? Or are you a teenager now? If you’re like me, you may have wanted to do something really big, and say something vitally important. But youth, raging hormones, and inexperience boxed you into a corner. And all through school, you never got out of that corner, or maybe you’re still stuck there now.

In my novel, Without Mom, a coming of age story, high school student David Sinclair does what many of us never do: he dodges the odds and uses football to become the big shot he’s always dreamed of being. Life is great with all the doors that have opened up for him. The teachers like him, the other football players love him because he can kick fifty yard field goals all day long. He has a great girl friend, too. But then he digs up the courage to tell the truth about it all, even though his words almost wreck his success and make him the most unpopular student on campus.

Return to your teen years if you aren’t still on that journey. Take a ride in the pages of Without Mom and see how David figures it out in the end—or not.