Don’t Accidentally Tell People You Aren’t Home

We used to hear people tell us to have a house sitter during a funeral so our homes doesn’t get burgled while we are grieving the dead.
Now I see an alarming trend: people telling everyone on social media, in so many words, that they aren’t home. Stories about driving on frozen streets and how long they think it will take them to get back home. Away on a wonderful vacation. Having a romantic dinner, or a day full of shopping. It’s fine for people to share their activities with friends. But it might not just be their friends who read their posts. I think it’s safer to wait until we get back home to inform the world of our day’s or week’s activities. And write in past tense so the reader will know our activities are over.
Remember, whatever we post is out there indefinitely–not just for our friends, but for the whole world, including past, present, and future employers. I don’t advocate lying to our employers about needing time off for medical reasons so we can take a trip to an exotic local. If we were in charge we wouldn’t want to be lied to either. I read an article about someone who did this. They posted pictures of the beautiful scenery for their friends to see. Guess what? Their employer saw the post, too.